Multi-Functional Garden Room, Stondon Massey, Essex

With a range of requirements to be met the family decided on this Lugarde Prima PR42 design with different zones to accommodate the functions required. Those being a sitting room with a view down the garden, a bar and entertainment area, WC/Shower room and outside covered seating area. All to be complimented by an expansive decking area. 

Please note that while the Lugarde model is an excellent tool not all made-to-order models can be done online, this building was done offline working with a Lomax + Wood designer. Please contact us if you need help with a design.

The decking area for the timber garden room was constructed using a composite material by ARCiDEK

Front of garden room with folding doors and extended cover
Loungers on decking outside nice garden room
Night aesthetic garden room building house
Long garden room building timber end wooden
Luxury garden building lodge
Tv garden room comfy area
Indoor garden room internal couch furniture
Garden Room Electrics Lighting outdoor
home bar garden room outside drinking place
Outside view from garden room with table of flowers
garden room bathroom toilet
Plan for luxury garden party room bar