Modern, Timeless Wooden Garden Gazebos

Entertain outside under cover, relax and enjoy.

Wooden Gazebos

All of our Wooden Gazebo designs are made-to-order, so if you can't quite find what you're looking for, our in-house designers will be happy to work with you to create your design, or you can try your hand at designing your own Garden Room with our easy-to-use configurator.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • About Wooden Gazebos

How Much Does a Wooden Gazebo Cost?

A typical made-to-order Lomax + Wood Gazebo will cost from around £.3.5K to £7K. However, they are made to order so the prices vary in relation to the size and specification.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Wooden Gazebo?

Generally, the wooden Gazebo falls under the same rules as timber garden rooms and planning permission is not required if built within the permitted development rules. However, these rules vary if, in a conservation area, the main building is listed. For more information visit our planning permission page.

Does Having a Gazebo Add Value To your home?

A Gazebo will add value by creating additional outdoor living space and helping your home and garden to stand out from others.

How long will a Wooden Gazebo Last?

If your timber-framed Gazebo is maintained, it will most likely last a lifetime.

Can the Gazebo Be Used all Year round?

A Gazebo naturally lens itself to summer use but can be used throughout the year as a dry space with a view of your garden; heaters can be introduced if required.

How Long Will the Wooden Gazebo Take to be Built?

A typical Gazebo on a pre-formed space will take 3-5 days to assemble.

How Often Does a Gazebo Need to be Painted and Maintained?

The Gazebo should be inspected annually with an overall re-paint every 3-5 years, this varies in relation to where it is in the UK and where it is positioned in the garden.

Can a Wooden Gazebo be Used in The Winter?

Quite often, Gazebos act as an outside gathering place for a private function; this can happen in the summer, and if required, in the winter heaters are used to provide warmth for its users.