The Man Cave

He deserves it.

Create The Perfect Wooden Man Cave in Your Garden

Don't forget, all our garden room designs are made-to-order, so if you can't quite find what you're looking for, our in-house designers will be happy to work with you to create your design, or you can try your hand at designing your own Garden Room with our easy-to-use configurator.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Create the Perfect Wooden Man Cave in Your Garden

I’m Interested in a Man Cave; what Steps Do I Take?

In the first instance, consider what you would want to use your Man Cave for, which will help determine how much space you need. Then look at an area of space in your garden that you are willing to give up for it. Outbuildings should not exceed 50% of the garden that surrounds the original house footprint.

Is It Possible to Attach a Man Cave to a House?

As an alternative to an outbuilding an extension maybe viable. Please see the Lomax + Wood Orangery Design guide for details on design and planning permission;

What Sound Proofing Can Be Added to The Man Cave?

The Lomax + Wood Lugarde timber garden buildings can be quoted with insulated walls, roofs and floors. In addition, the timber windows and doors are all supplied factory double glazed and fully weather-stripped. The insulation and quality timber wall sections help to insulate the building but help vastly improve sound insulation performance.

Do I need Planning Permission for a Man Cave?

As a rule, planning permission for an outbuilding is not required as they are allowed under permitted development. There are, of course, rules that need to be applied, and it is important to note that the planning rules vary depending on the type of property and location. Therefore, the best course of action is to contact your local authority for advice or a local planning guide. This is not a question of applying for planning permission unless you want to create a building that exceeds those allowed within permitted development for garden rooms.

What are the General Costs For a Man Cave?

It is possible to suit any realistic budget, it is just that expectations need to match that budget. A nightclub, bowling alley and indoor swimming pool, for example, maybe a little extravagant.

What Do You Need for a Man Cave?

It might just be a great space, away from the house, for some to sit back and relax, read or listen to music. Others might be looking for a bar and pool table to enjoy with their friends. The space can be designed to incorporate as much or as little as one wants; it all comes down to good design and a workable budget.

Is There a Standard Model For a Man Cave From Lomax Wood Garden Rooms?

No, all the Lomax + Wood timber garden rooms are made-to-order.

Are Plumbing And Electrics Included For a Man Cave, or Are They Extras?

Services are extra and need to be considered as part of the budget. Electrics, for example, require a main house fuse board with the capacity to supply the additional garden room. Both plumbing and electrics need a service trench to run from the house up to their location, and these days, wifi also needs to be included.

Is it Possible to Order a Completely Bespoke Man Cave?

Yes, Lomax + Wood can help you design a completely made-to-order Man Cave to suit you needs.

How High Can a Man Cave Be?

The Man Cave should have a maximum eves height of 2.5m with a flat roof and 4m for a dual pitched roof.

Can a Man Cave Add Value?

As a quality, well-designed timber garden room the Man Cave will add value to a property. They enhance the enjoyment of the owners and are an extra eye-catching facility to be used and enjoyed by all.