Practical tips to consider

Here are a few pointers to help plan out your new made-to-order garden room. 

1. Where is it going to be situated?

2. What approximate size? 

3. Is planning permission required?

4. What will it be used for? Storage, summer room, gym, party room or a mixture?

5. Is the area it is to be situated accessible so that it can be constructed? If access is only through the house careful consideration needs to be given to the product type selected. For example do not choose the panel system which has large factory constructed walls.

6. Can a 40ft artic deliver to the property or will the delivery be required on a smaller lorry or even in batches?

7. Is there sufficient storage space around the construction site for the building components to be stored while construction takes place?

8. Will the installers need to walk on and/or store components on a prized lawn? If so protection of the lawn needs to be included.

9. If electrics are required in combination with insulation and internal boarding a two stage installation plan needs to be made. This is so that the building outer shell can be constructed, first fix electrics carried out and then the installers return to complete the building. The appearance of the building will not be enhanced by surface mounted cables and sockets.

10. The surrounding landscaping. How will you access the building on a wet day?