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Your Home Office For The Garden

Don't forget, all our garden office designs are made-to-order, so if you can't quite find what you're looking for, our in-house designers will be happy to work with you to create your design, or you can try your hand at designing your own Garden Office Room with our easy-to-use configurator.

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When Can I Have a Garden Office Installed – How Long Will it Take?

If you want a timber garden office, plan ahead, plan this year for next year!

Why do we say this? If you want a quality wooden garden office room that will endure, with electrics, plumbing and range of uses you really are considering a building project with a number of trades involved.

A Quick Guide:

  1. Design and order your Lomax + Wood Timber Garden Office room. Delivery 12-14 weeks on average but may well increase from the spring onwards.
  2. Build a base. If for example a concrete, re-enforced base with groundworks is required. 2-3 weeks possibly, depending on size, location and weather.
  3. Install. Allow two weeks. Depends on size and type.
  4. Electrics. Allow two separate weeks working in with the building installation. Install of building will need to stop for first fit electrics, install proceeds, electricians back for final fix.
  5. Hard landscaping. Allow two weeks, After the install will the doors open onto a patio area.
  6. Planting... As you can see in this quick guide there are, in total approximately 20 weeks of work involved, some of those would run side by side but it demonstrates what needs to be considered.
  7. Can I create a ‘Multi-Purpose’ Garden Office? All the Lomax + Wood timber garden office buildings are made-to-order so a number of uses can be incorporated. It all down to budget and the size of building that your garden can accommodate. For a great example of this please See https://www.lomaxwoodgardenrooms.co.uk/case-studies/large-garden-room-stondon-massey-essex/

Do I Need Planning Permission For a Office in The Garden?

So long as the planned home garden office is designed to meet the required rules as an outbuilding, then no planning permission is not required as they are considered to be permitted development. Please see our guide for planning permission for a general guide on outbuildings.

Do The Garden Offices Come with Toilet Facilities?

All of the garden offices that we supply and install are made-to-order, so should a room for use as a toilet or anything else be required, then it can be accommodated. However, note that living accommodation is not permitted as an outbuilding under permitted development.

Will The Garden Offices be Insulated?

The wooden garden offices are made-to-order and can be built to varying levels of specification. Certainly, roof, wall and floor insulation can be incorporated but would be considered at the upper end of the building specification. To justify the cost, it is important to consider will the office building be used all year round, as an office it may well be regarded as essential to ensure a stable, comfortable temperature all year round without wasting money on excessive heating.

What is The Price Range of Garden Offices?

The cost involved with designing, supplying and installing your own timber garden office can vary from approximately £3,500 up to £40,000. It all depends on what specification and purpose the garden room or garden building is to be used for and how large it needs to be.

What Security Features are Designed Into The Garden Offices?

All the Lomax + Wood timber garden office windows and doors are fitted with double glazing and key locking espagnolette timber windows and doors as standard.

Can a Home Offices Add Value To Your Home?

Having a home garden office will provide the homeowner with extra usable floor space on their property, which could be diversified to be used for other purposes such as a gym or party room. Therefore, undoubtedly enhances the desirability of the property and therefore value.

Will I Be Able To Sleep in The Garden Office?

The timber garden office building could be insulated to such a level as to make this an option but then it would seem that planning permission would be required and a necessity to meet building regulations to ensure safety requirements are met.

Will a Home Office be Warm Enough Throughout The Winter?

The Lomax + Wood timber garden home offices can be fully insulated to ensure a comfortable temperature is maintained all year round. These quality outbuildings are provided with double glazing as standard and an option to insulate the roof, walls and floor.